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Things you need to know

Born and bred in Sao Paulo, Brazil, always loved to walk around the big city, discover new secret places, find new things to do, and different foods to eat.

Only daughter, brought up in apartments, never had the opportunity to ride a bike or take care of a garden. Maybe that's why now, at the prime age of 25, I love having little plant pots around me. Still can't ride a bike, though, I have to work on that...

Fast forward to 2017, when I decided I needed to face new challenges and see more of the world. Packed my bags and came to Dublin, where I found myself wondering "what now?"

Once in Dublin I discovered things about myself that I wasn't aware of before. For example, now I know that I love burritos! I also know now that I am a very hardworking person, and that I don't give up easily.

Baby Ana

On my free time I enjoy curling myself under a blanket in front of the fire reading a book. I also love baking; brownies are my favorite! I like expressing my feelings in the form of art. Writing, drawing, painting, they all help me clear my head and feel reinvigorated.

On the good, sunny Irish days, a nice stroll around the park sounds like perfection, and after that, window shopping on Henry Street is a must.

Cold, rainy days are great for developing new skills at home, like the art of making websites, or the ability of writing a whole page about yourself (yes, everyone, this has taken a lot of practice). Arts and crafts are also on the development list, and I must say I already have some pretty great creations.

A passion for photography resulted in a phone full of pictures that I refuse to delete, because you never know when you might need one more photo of your dog sleeping or that lovely flower that started blooming just last week.

At last, I'm still not sure if I'm a dog or cat person... can I be both?

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